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A data strategy to outcompete anyone… anywhere

optimize your data and AI strategy, by scaling data anywhere, without the complexity of multiple vendors or tradeoffs.

optimize your data and AI strategy by scaling data anywhere,

without the complexity of multiple vendors or tradeoffs.

The Data Managment Challenge:      

The Data Management Challenge:      

hitting the wall

break through the data center wall

You face a critical challenge: your inability to quickly integrate your data to any operating model. 

Capturing insights from unstructured data in any environment will help you outcompete, but your inflexible data storage has you at a competitive disadvantage

You're stuck managing multiple limited storage technologies, that duplicate costs, increase management, silo data, and inject security risk. This kills your ability to quickly see returns on AI, data curation, cloud services, and innovation.  

The hardware storage model is holding you back.

Legacy Vendor Problems: Too Inflexible

Overstretched design assumptions lack the flexibility and speed required to compete in other environments. These solutions break when they leave the data center.

New Vendor Problems: Too Immature

Newcomers lack the maturity to deliver and enterprise experience, have limited features, and niche use cases, causing silos.

  • Rigid and expensive hardware is holding your data hostage, with your unstructured data living in one place,

    while the AI, and cloud services ecosystem lives in the other.

  • ​Inconsistent platforms and security principles in the cloud, edge, and data center inject known security risks and weigh down your operations. 

  • Hardware vendors offer terrible solutions in the cloud - Be cautious of scale, integrations, features, portability and cost. 

  • Hardware first solutions provide no global management and poor visibility into your data across hybrid environments.

In 15 months 90% of your data will double, be more distributed, and will further spread across environments

How do you gain the agility to compete consistently, and scale your data in any model, time and time again? 

How do you gain the agility to compete consistently, and scale your data in any model, time and time again? 

You Scale Anywhere

You Scale Anywhere

One Platform to Outcompete

unlimited scale, universal access, deployment anywhere, disruptively priced. future-proof your data with scale anywhere™ unified data storage. 

One Platform, Any Model, Agility on Command

seamless integration across environments.

This is the only solution that operates consistently in the data center, the edge and in the cloud, eliminating additional hard work, hard consequences, and extra hard spend. Software portability was day 1 design, so you can quickly launch the same flexible, secure, enterprise storage experience, anywhere, driving new revenue streams and services quicker.

AI innovation with data proximity that meets the demand

data that lives where the innovation lives

Data is created at the edge and in the datacenter. Put that valuable data in proximity to the AI ecosystem in that lives in the cloud. Consistent operations, access and experience across models is vital. Qumulo is the only solution that can ensure this consistency, while ramping up security, uniform principles and the same robust features across all platforms.  

Superior Cloud Capability

cloud reality vs. cloud marketing

Hardware vendors have substandard cloud solutions that would be unacceptable in an enterprise data center. This blocks data that could otherwise benefit from the agility, and quick time to value in the cloud. Qumulo day 1 design strategy gives you one portable enterprise solution that runs Anywhere and is up 80% cheaper than existing cloud solutions. 

Eliminate Multi Platform Complexity

global namespace - collaboration across teams & geo's 

Relying on different vendors for the data center, edge, and cloud leads to fragmented data, inconsistent security features, increased costs, and increased vendor cycles. One global platform removes these  issues, delivering a predictable, secure and efficient operational experience, all managed in a single namespace.

Cost Control

predictable and pay as you go

The cost of existing solutions is a blocker to cloud and hybrid cloud outcomes. Qumulo is 80% more cost effective in the cloud compared to competitors. The solution will be the most cost effective hybrid solution, with cost and efficiency benefits on prem and in the cloud.

Enhanced Hybrid Cloud Security 

standardize secure innovation, anywhere

By delivering the same security framework, we ensure you have robust data protection, and compliance in all operating models. This approach significantly reduces your risk exposure in a hybrid cloud environment.

See what others are saying about us

See what others are saying about us

 "Right now we have about 30 billion files. Each loan that we process contains roughly 4,000 files, and they’re all under 10kb in size.  By doing that calculation, Qumulo came out dramatically ahead because we were about to go from a 10 to 1 conversion ratio with a previous vendor to a 3.5 to 1 with qumulo.  The technology has been great; it’s been pretty much flawless"

 "Retrieving long term archival radiology images is so much faster on the Qumulo than it was with Isilon. To the point where the radiologists actually noticed and asked what we had done. The ability to go out to the cloud when we need it is going to be really important moving forward.

The level of support we got from Qumulo was just absolutely fantastic. Very hands on, they were there every step of the way. We did a POC, and the performance just blew the engineers away.”

 "It’s been a very smooth transition, [Sometimes] you make a transition and it’s painful, but Qumulo has been on top of it.  We have a large employee base, a high number of data output, and a 68,500-seat stadium to manage, so our technology and systems in place need to be top of the line. Qumulo will be a great addition to our overall organizational management and I’m thrilled to welcome them to the 49ers family.” 


Qumulo named a 6X Leader in the 2023 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Distributed File Systems and Object Storage.  The only forward mover in the leader quadrant.

Zero latency support

Qumulo’s Customer Success program, Qumulo Care, is rewriting the customer success rulebook. Enjoy superior customer experience and find out for yourself why Qumulo customers have rewarded us with the highest net promoter scores (NPS) in the storage industry.


© Qumulo 2023 All Rights Reserved.

© Qumulo 2023 All Rights Reserved.